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In the current day and age, online coaching for IAS & UPSC exams are getting more popular every passing day. This is because, with the help of various online educational resources, students can now prepare themselves for the exams anywhere, anytime.

Moreover, students can now prepare at their comfort, be it during the day or at night – depending on what is suitable for them. Apart from that, access to good faculties has also been increased due to the introduction of online coaching classes.

Students from far off places can now attend online coaching classes of their favorite teachers just because of online classes.

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Before we get into the services list of the best IAS online coaching centers in India, it’s important to first get a rough idea about the IAS exams in general. Firstly, IAS stands for Indian Administrative Services, which is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission or otherwise known as UPSC.

Regarded as one of the toughest exams in the country, students will always need the correct strategy and approach to pass the two-staged exams. The exams consist of mainly a preliminary stage and a mains stage.

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After passing the mains stage examinations, candidates are subjected to a personal interview & group discussion test – passing which will directly push the student towards active service. So, without much pondering around, let’s jump into the details right away.

The following are some of the most top-rated best IAS online coaching centers that students can enroll in.

Best IAS Online Coaching Classes

Byju’s IAS Online Coaching

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Founded in the year 2011 as Think And Learn Pvt Ltd, the main focus of the company was to create content for the Class 12 students. The management of the company focused mainly on creating a strong team of experts so that world-class learning content could be made easily.

In the year 2015, the learning app for Byju’s was launched. The support was then increased from class 6 to class 12.

Then in the year 2016, the company received the first grant from Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI). Furthermore, in the year 2017, Byju’s Learning App was used as a case study for the Harvard Business School.

Detailed Features of the coaching institute

  • The institute provides updated study materials on important topics for the students who are enrolled in the course.
  • Tests are taken across 250 or more chapters about the IAS and UPSC exams.
  • Students are provided with more than 6000 practice questions along with detailed solutions.
  • Interviews are undertaken with servicing as well as retired IAS/UPSC bureaucrats so that students could get an insight into the related field in detail.
  • Candidates are also provided with daily news analysis – which will act as a one-stop preparation for general knowledge subjects.
  • More than 500 hours of video lecture resources are also offered to the students.
  • An all-India test before the actual IAS/UPSC exams is also undertaken.

Contact Details of coaching

Email – [emailprotected]

Phone – +91 924 133 3666

Address – Tower D, 2nd Floor, 4/1, Bannerghatta Main Road, IBC Knowledge Park, Bengaluru

Vision IAS Online Coaching

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Vision IAS is primarily known for its innovative assessment system, which in other words is referred to as their meticulously crafted test series.

Every year almost thousands of students appear for such particular test exams so that they can be able to improve their scores in the actual IAS or UPSC exams.

This is the reason why the test series from Vision IAS has become an indispensable tool for any aspirant who is planning to score more and be successful in the actual exams.

Detailed Features of the coaching institute

  • The coaching center provides distance learning programs to all of its students who want to opt for both online classroom programs or just the test series.
  • Expert faculty at the coaching center always provide step-by-step guidance to all of the enrolled aspirants, so that subject-wise understanding could be easily obtained. Moreover, such a move will help the students to develop effective answer writing skills.
  • The faculty always follows a simple yet focused approach in helping the candidates to learn about the competitiveness and questions that are generally asked in the IAS & UPSC exams.
  • Personalized attention is provided to each student based on their core competencies.

Contact Details of coaching

Email – [emailprotected]

Phone – +91 8468022022, +91 9019066066

Address – 1/8 b, Karol Bagh, Pusa Road, Delhi – 110005

Neo Stencil-Best IAS Online Coaching

Top 15 Best IAS Online Coaching - Features, Fees, Review – Eduly (6)


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Neo Stencil has come into the market with only one aim – solving the basic problem of education accessibility in India. Therefore, the company always works towards making education more affordable and easily accessible to the masses.

The company believes that the best resources for passing competitive exams like IAS and UPSC should not be limited only to those who live inside metropolitan cities.

This is why they have been able to create an online platform through which meritorious students can be easily nurtured and molded into exam toppers.

Detailed Features of the coaching institute

  • The institute has an overall faculty number of more than 110 teachers in different subjects and offers variability in terms of education experience.
  • Students can choose from a wide range of courses from the platform. As of the moment, the platform supports more than 500 different courses, including IAS and UPSC exam courses too.
  • Since the whole procedure is carried out online, students will get access to more than 30,000 videos – about different courses and subjects.
  • Over time, the number of overall registered students has crossed 11,00,000.
  • More than 45 top institutes and its faculty have collaborated with the coaching center platform to offer the best educational services.

Contact Details of coaching

Email – [emailprotected]

Phone – +91 95990 – 75552

Address – Plot No 337 Phase II, Sector 20, Gurugram, Udyog Vihar, Haryana – 122016

Clear IAS Online Coaching

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Clear IAS is a well-known veteran institute that helps in discovering new ways of making the learning experience enjoyable for the students. The institute has its portal to take care of all the educational related content and resources, known as the Clear IAS portal.

Furthermore, students also get access to a smartphone application along with a Clear IAS mock test process, to take care of their examination needs. The institute is also responsible for offering free online study materials along with offering guidance to its enrolled students.

Detailed Features of the coaching institute

  • The faculty of the coaching center regularly writes various types of articles to guide aspirants according to the updated IAS and UPSC exam syllabus.
  • Mock tests are conducted for both preliminary as well as main IAS exams, which helps in shaping the future of the IAS aspirants all around India.
  • The center also provides its enrolled students with online book buying links from Amazon or Flipkart at discounted prices.
  • Interviews for the toppers are conducted regularly so that students can learn what it takes to be a successful candidate.
  • The mobile app of Clear IAS provides a one-stop platform for all the needs of the student related to IAS or UPSC education.

Contact Details of coaching

Email – [emailprotected]

Address – 4/97, P.O, Alappuzha, Vettuparampil, Edathua, Kerala – 689573

Prayas E-pathshala IAS Online coaching

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Prayas Coaching Classes have always been a forerunner when it comes to regular classroom classes, all around India. The institute has multiple centers in every part of the country.

Recently, the center also introduced online class sessions through its ePathshala initiative. The ePathshala initiative will help students prepare for the IAS and UPSC exams through the online mode.

Moreover, the institute has also designed multiple low-cost online courses, so that even economy-class students can make their dream come true.

Detailed Features of the coaching institute

  • Being one of the centres for best online coaching for IAS, it highly relies on new-age technology as well as innovation, so that faculty could correctly teach the respective candidates.
  • Over time, due to rigorous and stringent measures, the institute has been able to perfect their success formula. As a result, there have been multiple selections in most competitive exams out there, including IAS & UPSC.
  • Regular exams are conducted to ensure that students obtain a thorough understanding of the subject that has been taught in class.
  • 24×7 support is provided to all the enrolled students – both from the center’s management as well as the faculty.
  • Competitive and updated study materials are provided to every student as well.

Contact Details of coaching

Email – [emailprotected]

Phone – +91 – 8355951603

Super Profs

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It should be known that Super Profs is the product of the Aurus Network. Aurus Network has been a pioneer in the education technology department since the year 2010.

The company has been able to push forward their agenda of offering various online courses related to multiple competitive exams by mainly using cutting-edge technology.

The state-of-the-art technology used by the institute can easily deliver learning programs that are not only high-quality but also informative, even on low-end internet bandwidth.

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Detailed Features of the coaching institute

  • The institute always makes their educational resources available to their students at all times, through their online learning system. Therefore, students can access them whenever they want, without any worries.
  • The team that is responsible for offering the teaching services brings years of academic as well as professional experience. The selected faculty has been from multiple institutions such as IITs, IIMs, Stanford University, and the likes.
  • Apart from having experienced faculty, the teachers provide comprehensive coverage to the overall IAS and UPSC exams syllabus. Moreover, the delivery of educational resources is personalized for each student, which makes the overall process much more comprehensive than traditional classroom programs.

Contact Details of coaching

Email – [emailprotected]

Phone – 011 – 41170753

Mrunal IAS Coaching

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Mrunal is an initiative taken by a long-time veteran known as Mrunal Patel from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The website and its services focus on providing free online content related to IAS and UPSC exams.

This is also one of the best online coachings for IAS in the Hindi medium. Students don’t need to get enrolled and instead enjoy the free content as long as they like.

Apart from providing regular content on competitive exams, the website also answers any queries asked by students who are aspiring for the posts of IAS and UPSC services.

Detailed Features of the coaching institute

  • All the content that is provided by the institute is free of cost and students don’t even need to pay a dime for the same.
  • Educational content is available easily from the website interface, with separate modules for separate subjects & exams.
  • Students are taught regarding the interview preparation for IAS and UPSC exams as well.
  • Apart from that, interviews are conducted in the case of toppers. This is carried out so that the upcoming students would be able to know the dedication that goes into making a successful aspirant.
  • Study plans, as well as free study materials, can be also be obtained directly from the website.

Contact Details of coaching

Website -

IAS Toppers

Top 15 Best IAS Online Coaching - Features, Fees, Review – Eduly (11)


As of recent times, IAS Toppers is named as one of the most authenticated, premier institutes for best online coaching for IAS in India, providing both online as well as offline classes. The online portal is dedicated to all the aspirants who are planning to prepare themselves for the upcoming UPSC and IAS exams.

Since every year lakhs of participants appear for such competitive exams, it’s very important to have the right amount of patience and guidance to pass the same with flying colors.

Therefore, the institute aims to offer the required measures to achieve the desired results.

Detailed Features of the coaching institute

  • The faculty teaching at the center not only helps students to learn about the subject-matter at hand but also learn about current affairs going on in the country and around the world.
  • Quiz sessions are carried out for every student before their preliminary exams so that the students can test their overall preparation.
  • Regular articles are posted to the institute’s website on important topics for the students to read and understand.
  • Debates are held along with a video summary of the topics that are being covered, are also supplied to each student.
  • The overall comprehensive approach allows the coaching center to be always updated with the syllabus and stay result-oriented.

Contact Details of coaching

Website –

WhatsApp – +91 9023077408

Elite IAS online coaching

Top 15 Best IAS Online Coaching - Features, Fees, Review – Eduly (12)


Established in 2012, Elite IAS has been hailed as one of the most popular as well as successful coaching centers in India. The founder of the center was known as Bibhash Sharma.

The coaching center carries out systematic methods for teaching all of its students. Moreover, the experienced faculty at the center ensures that there is always a positive attitude in the air, especially when the exam preparation processes are going on.

The institute’s management always works hard in providing the best available online resources to its students in the most accessible manner possible.

Detailed Features of the coaching institute

  • The coaching center is known for providing interactive coaching classes to all of its enrolled students.
  • Regular mock tests are conducted and after the tests, detailed performance analysis is also provided to the students.
  • Study materials that are provided to the candidates are always updated and comprehensive.
  • The overall management of the institute is top-notch and takes care of the requirements of each student studying there.
  • Standard mock tests are held regularly for judging the performance of the students.
  • Students are also guided when it comes to personal interview sessions. Furthermore, motivational classes are also held.

Contact Details of coaching

Email – [emailprotected]

Phone – +91 7065202020

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Top 15 Best IAS Online Coaching - Features, Fees, Review – Eduly (13)

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UPSC Pathshala

Top 15 Best IAS Online Coaching - Features, Fees, Review – Eduly (14)


UPSC Pathshala is regarded as one of the many successful ventures of u Faber Edutech Pvt Ltd. The institute has been known to train its students in a very unique manner along with a personalized training procedure for each student.

The students who are enrolled in their courses can easily learn about the IAS or UPSC syllabus from over 300 hours of video content that has been created by the expert faculties at the coaching center.

Such a process helps in the overall preparation of the students.

Detailed Features of the coaching institute

  • The institute aims to provide its educational resources and services at reasonable prices. The center takes pride in charging the lowest coaching costs among the major industry players.
  • Preparation is carried out within a specific time and therefore students can always expect to complete their syllabus and perform timely revisions.
  • The faculty of the center stresses deep understanding so that the subject-matter that the student is learning can stay with him or her for the longest possible time.
  • It should be noted that the institute has more than 200 qualified mentors and the student count has been more than 5000 per year.

Contact Details of coaching

Phone – +91 8080-555-766

Address – FF A-006, Phoenix Market City, Art Guild House, Kurla, Mumbai

Legacy IAS Online Coaching

Top 15 Best IAS Online Coaching - Features, Fees, Review – Eduly (15)


Based in Bangalore, Legacy IAS is one of the most trusted IAS coaching centers across India, especially when it comes to online teaching resources. The center is currently located in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

The center takes pride in providing a unique pattern of preparation measures for the students by opting for smaller batches and a very detailed-oriented approach.

Moreover, the center also specializes in offering students the services of two retired IAS officers, so that students can flourish under their mentorship.

Detailed Features of the coaching institute

  • Each batch has a limit of 40 students. Students are provided with faculty support facilities even beyond normal class timings.
  • The centre has a dedicated library along with ample reference books for the students to use.
  • Revision classes are held before the exams so that students could know the important topics that are more crucial in the exams.
  • The center offers a holistic approach when it comes to exam preparation, not only for the prelims but for the mains as well.
  • Answer writing practice is done daily after each subject has been completed.
  • The centre supports state-of-the-art infrastructure along with required amenities.

Contact Details of coaching

Email – [emailprotected]

Phone – +91 9606900004 / 05

Address – 39th Cross Rd, #1535, Kottapalayam, 4th T Block East, Jayanagar, 9th Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

Analog IAS Online Coaching

Top 15 Best IAS Online Coaching - Features, Fees, Review – Eduly (16)


One of the many reasons why Analog IAS has been so much popular among the students is because of their focus on every candidate.

It should be noted that the teaching methods carried out by the institute help in increasing the overall motivation of the students from the first day itself.

Moreover, with the help of superior study materials, preparation for the UPSC exams becomes a lot easier as well. The center was established in the year 2002 by Mr. Srikanth Vinnakota.

Detailed Features of the coaching institute

  • The center aims to offer quality education to all of its students and that too at affordable costs as well.
  • The experienced faculty at the coaching center teaches the students in such a manner that they’re able to clear the IAS or UPSC exams in the first attempt only.
  • Students are also taught personality and technical development classes, so that the candidates could not only pass the exams with flying colors but also excel in their future career paths.
  • Full-time, as well as weekend courses, are provided to the student according to their suitable timings.

Contact Details of coaching

Email – [emailprotected]

Phone – 9491159900

Address – Near Sharavathi Nursing Home, Vijaynagar, Bengaluru

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Achievers IAS online coaching

Top 15 Best IAS Online Coaching - Features, Fees, Review – Eduly (17)


One of the major advantages of choosing Achievers IAS over other coaching centers is that their training procedure lasts for about seven months. Therefore, the process is indeed very detailed when it comes to overall information and resources.

The faculties are responsible for teaching every nook & cranny when it comes to the IAS or UPSC syllabus.

Moreover, each IAS aspirant is given the chance to develop their overall knowledge in each subject matter with deep understanding.

Detailed Features of the coaching institute

  • The students are provided with updated study materials and notes so that they can improve their grasp on the IAS/UPSC syllabus.
  • Video backup of each class session is provided to the students so that they can go through the classes again during their free time.
  • The staff is highly experienced and provides valuable instructions & guidance to the students.
  • Apart from academic support, students are also taught how to improve their soft-skills and personality.

Contact Details of coaching

Email – [emailprotected]

Phone – 8880120120

Address – #1360, 2nd floor, 100ft road, Marenhalli, Jayanagar 9th Block, Bangalore-560069

Average fees of the IAS Online Coaching

Top 15 Best IAS Online Coaching - Features, Fees, Review – Eduly (18)

Of late, the current IAS online coaching fees range between 30,000 INR and 60,000 INR for a six-month or one-year session. However, it should be noted that the fees of these coaching classes depend upon a lot of variables.

For instance, the fees will increase if a student plans to take up additional coaching classes for any additional subjects.

Moreover, the fees may also increase if the student opts for a coaching session longer than the default format, i.e. 6 months or one-year. In that case, it’s suggested that the student should get in touch with the center personally.

5 Things to Consider before joining IAS Online Coaching

Top 15 Best IAS Online Coaching - Features, Fees, Review – Eduly (19)
  • Know The Teaching Methodology – IAS is not only about mugging up books and passing the exams. Students need to also upgrade their overall personalities. Therefore, candidates should select an institute that will also teach some real-life values along with academics.
  • The Classroom Environment – Just like ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’, too many students will make the learning experience more cumbersome. Students should ensure that the center they’re selecting should admit only a specific number of students per classroom session. This helps in maintaining classroom decorum and aids in better learning.
  • The Quality Of Teachers – Since in this journey, the teachers are going to be one of the most crucial mentors of the student, they must be experienced and extremely good at what they do. If the teacher is not dedicated enough, then it also might affect the student’s studies.
  • The Quality Of Study Materials – Having good study materials is just as important as having good teachers. The study materials should be of high-quality, comprehensive, and updated according to the latest syllabus.
  • Mock Tests – Every institute for IAS or UPSC coaching should have specific sessions set up to undertake mock tests regularly. Taking regular tests helps the student not only to assess his or her performance but also to look for improvements.

5 Advantages of online IAS coaching

Top 15 Best IAS Online Coaching - Features, Fees, Review – Eduly (20)
  • Comfort – With the help of online coaching classes, students will be able to study at the comfort of their homes. There’s no need to step out of the house, thereby meaning less attention diversion and health depreciation.
  • Schedule Is Flexible Online IAS coaching doesn’t have any fixed time. Students can choose to select their preferred time, be it on the weekdays or weekends. Alternatively, students can choose to attend classes either at night or during the day.
  • Learning Is Self-Paced – When it comes to online IAS coaching, students can easily learn at their speed. They can quickly prepare a schedule for themselves that will be able to match their learning speed.
  • Cost Is Low – Compared to traditional coaching classes, online classes for IAS preparation costs substantially lower. The course fee will be low along with the overall test series fee.
  • Anytime, Anywhere AccessWith the help of online coaching classes, students can access educational related content and resources, anywhere & anytime. They can either access through their desktops, laptops, or mobile phones.

5 Disadvantages of online IAS Coaching

Top 15 Best IAS Online Coaching - Features, Fees, Review – Eduly (21)
  • Home Environment Distractions – Not every student might have a peaceful home environment, which is highly needed to attend these types of IAS exam classes. Therefore, distractions can play a major role in the student’s understanding of the subject matter.
  • Smartphone Distractions – When a student is studying in an actual classroom, the chances of using a smartphone during the session is very slim, as the teacher will be present. But, in online coaching classes, since everything is virtual, the students will not face the same restrictions and thereby may start using smartphones or other gadgets during the class sessions.
  • Difficult To Be Focused & Disciplined – Generally human beings feel more focused & disciplined when inside an actual classroom. General psychology, as well as peer pressure, plays a major part in the same. The same cannot be said for online classes.
  • Issues In Clearing Doubts – If a student has any doubt or question in his or her mind, the same cannot be that easy to reproduce in a virtual environment compared to a real-life classroom. In a virtual environment, students have to either resort to real-time messaging or use voice calls.
  • Less Competitive Feeling – In an online environment, students are interacting with others way less than in real-life classrooms. Therefore, the overall competitive feeling of working towards a singular goal is also less.

Frequently Asked Question About IAS Online Coaching

Top 15 Best IAS Online Coaching - Features, Fees, Review – Eduly (22)

Is online coaching well for UPSC?

Yes. If the particular student faces difficulty in attending classrooms regularly or has financial constraints, then opting for online coaching is recommended.

Which is better: Unacademy or BYJU’s?

The answer is Unacademy. This is because the cost of fees for Byju’s is not only more but also the overall customer support is less compared to Unacademy. Unacademy was built as a platform for online education from the beginning, so the measures are better controlled by the management. Moreover, students will get access to lower fee costs & 24×7 customer supports.

Does online coaching for IAS valid for a lifetime?

No. Online IAS coaching is only valid for a stipulated period as enrolled by the student, such as 6 months or one year.

Does IAS online coaching provide recorded classes or live classes?

IAS online coaching involves both recorded as well as live classes when it comes to educational resources.

Does IAS online coaching provide study materials?

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Yes. Online IAS coaching centers provide study materials for the students – mainly in PDF or scanned document formats.


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