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Chapter 2097 – Suppressing a Guild Alone

Shi Feng had slain Jing Yang so quickly that no one had time to react He had simply disappeared and reappeared before Jing Yang, and in the next moment, the Blackwater member’s corpse had appeared 20 yards away.

The entire process had happened in the blink of an eye. Even Snow Scar, who had stood beside Jing Yang, hadn’t had time to react Snow Scar had only been able to watch as Shi Feng killed Jing Yang before his eyes and casually sheathed his Killing Ray and Twilight Blade.

The various major powers’ experts watching from the sidelines gasped when they saw Jing Yang’s dead body.



These words no longer had the impact to describe Shi Feng.

Blackwater was a superpower with the strength to rival Starlink, yet Shi Feng had so effortlessly killed Jing Yang,the leader of Blackwater’s team in this competition, without hesitation.

They couldn’t fathom how Shi Feng found the courage to provoke two superpowers simultaneously.

“Has Black Flame lost his mind? Why did he attack Blackwater?”

“He probably has. With Blackwater’s interference, Zero Wing is dead either way. Rather than sit back and wait for his execution,Black Flame might have decided to make a last stand. Only, his attack against that Blackwater representative had been vicious. It didn’t look like something a human would be capable of.”

“That wasn’t wise. Does Black Flame think that he can turn things around by retaliating against Blackwater? With Blackwater in the fight, Zero Wing’s performance will suffer on all of the battlefields, not just Battlefield No. 1.”

Everyone was more surprised by Shi Feng’s decisiveness than they were over Jing Yang’s instant death.

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Although Shi Feng’s Doppelganger Skill had significantly increased his team’s overall strength, Starlink and Blackwater would have more peak experts than Zero Wing if they worked together. Blackwater even had its own apex expert

“Black Flame!” Snow Scar, who served as Blackwater’s vice team leader, bellowed.

Blackwater might not suffer any major losses to its combat power due to Jing Yang’s death, but he was the Guild’s representative. Killing him was a slap in the face to Blackwater. Moreover, Xuanwu Chisa was fully responsible for this operation. How was Snow Scar supposed to explain this to her?

With South Time at the lead, Blackwater’s experts pounced on Shi Feng.

Tier 2 Taboo Skill, Ghost Dance!

Suddenly, South Time split into five clones and attacked Shi Feng from different directions, each doppelganger sending more than a dozen slashes at its target, surrounding Shi Feng with sword images. Like hungry wolves, the sword images flew toward Shi Feng’s vitals and blind spots.

Meanwhile, Snow Scar leaped into the air and activated his strongest Taboo Skill, Lightning Madness. Not only was this Skill an AOE attack, but it also had enough power to force a Grand Lord of the same level stumbling back. The Skill even ignored invulnerability effects, and although the Skill required half a second to activate, which was more than enough time for a peak expert to evade, he used the Skill in conjunction with South Time’s Ghost Dance. Against this joint attack, even a Domain Realm expert would fall.

What an amazing two-part attack! Sword Demon couldn’t help but admire South Time and Snow Scar’s coordinated assault

Even he would be concerned if he were on that attack’s receiving end. South Time’s Ghost Dance, in particular, perfectly eliminated the target’s chances to evade. The target would be forced to face these Skills head-on. However, not even Sword Demon was confident of surviving 60-plus simultaneous attacks. He would have no choice but to activate a Lifesaving Skill before dealing with Snow Scar’s final blow.

However, Shi Feng didn’t activate a Lifesaving Skill despite so many incoming attacks. Instead, he simply brandished Killing Ray, countering South Time’s strikes.

Shadow Blade!

Ten Shadow Blades flew away from Shi Feng in all directions, crashing into the incoming sword images. He then executed Sword’s Orbit, manifesting a galaxy of stars around himself.

Like dominos, the sword images the Shadow Blades struck crashed into each other. Shi Feng’s counterattack threw off nearly 50 sword images’ trajectories, while he used Sword’s Orbit to neutralize the remaining 20 or so sword images.

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South Time was stunned to see Shi Feng so easily nullify his Ghost Dance, but Snow Scar had already swung his hammer of lightning, slamming the gigantic weapon down on Shi Feng with astonishing speed.

Unfortunately, Shi Feng no longer had the energy to block this lightning-fast attack.

But just as the lightning hammer was about to smash into Shi Feng, the Swordsman spun around and shouted, “Scram!”

As Shi Feng spoke, a powerful shockwave crashed into Snow Scar’s lightning hammer. Dragon Breath!

The instant the two attacks collided, space tore apart, and the resulting shockwave reached 100 yards away. The sound of the impact echoed across the battlefield.

The immensely powerful lightning hammer vanished as if it had never existed as Snow Scar stumbled back more than a dozen yards, losing nearly 10% of his HP.

How is this possible? Shock colored Snow Scar’s face as he stared at Shi Feng.

Shi Feng had neutralized his full-powered attack with a single roar. Moreover, the Swordsman hadn’t used a single Lifesaving Skill to counter their joint attack.

“Is he a monster?” The major powers’ experts were flabbergasted when they saw Shi Feng unharmed after the exchange.

Both South Time and Snow Scar’s attacks had enough Strength to rival a Grand Lord of the same level, yet Shi Feng had blocked them without breaking a sweat

“Friends from Blackwater, Black Flame won’t be easy to deal with. Starlink will pin him down while you get rid of Zero Wing’s other members,” Sword Demon said suddenly.

“Okay! We’ll leave that to you, then!” South Time nodded. After a final glance at Shi Feng, he and the other Blackwater members charged toward Zero Wing’s party.

“Don’t think you can get away from me so easily!” Shi Feng frowned as he manipulated his eight doppelgangers to attack South Time’s group.

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“We’ll have to see if you have the ability to stop them!” Wind Demon and his Starlink companions immediately intercepted Shi Feng’s doppelgangers.

Each doppelganger only had the combat power of a peak expert, and although Wind Demon and his team would have a very difficult time trying to kill them, pinning these doppelgangers down for a few moments wouldn’t be an issue. With the strength of Blackwater’s members, they should be able to slay Zero Wing’s members before the doppelgangers slipped past Wind Demon’s team.

“i’lI pin Fire Dance down! The rest of you need to end the fight as quickly as possible!” South Time hurriedly commanded.


Blackwater’s dozen or so members immediately split into three groups, each under the lead of a peak expert These three groups would be more than enough to deal with Zero Wing’s three remaining members.

For a time, chaos ruled over the battlefield. South Time kept Fire Dance busy while Alluring Summer, Shadow Sword, and Flying Shadow had their hands full with Blackwater’s peak experts. With the help of Blackwater’s other players, this battle was particularly bitter.

Due to interference from two Refinement Realm magical class experts, Shi Feng wasn’t able to shake off Sword Demon. Likewise, Wind Demon and his Assassin team kept Shi Feng’s doppelgangers occupied.

As they watched, the experts from the various major powers couldn’t help but admire Shi Feng. The Swordsman managed to suppress all of Starlink’s experts by himself, and even if Zero Wing lost today, it would be a glorious defeat!

“What a pity, Black Flame. I admit that your strength is superb. Even among the various superpowers, you cannot be ignored. However, you’re still just one person, and God’s Domain is not a single-player game!” Sword Demon commented as he watched Zero Wing’s enemies force its members into a comer.

“You’re right, God’s Domain isn’t a single-player game,” Shi Feng said, nodding. His lips then curled as he asked, “However, when have I ever said that Zero Wing only relies on me?

Summer! Shadow! You don’t need to hold back anymore! Activate the Secret Law and show

these people what the consequences are for provoking Zero Wing!”

Hearing Shi Feng’s command, Alluring Summer and Shadow Sword’s eyes began to glow as they waged a bitter battle.

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“We can finally make a move?” Excitement brightened Alluring Summer’s features as she used Blink to put some distance between her and her opponents.

“I’ve been waiting to hear those words for so long, Guild Leader!” Shadow Sword said, laughing.

Like beasts waking from their slumber, the intensity of Alluring Summer and Shadow Sword’s auras skyrocketed, becoming even more frightening than those monster-level experts like Wind Demon and South Time.


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