Physics Wallah Kota Fees 11th, 12th & Droppers Batch, PW Vidyapeeth (2022) – Topperme (2023)

Finally, Physics Wallah in Kota. Here is provide fees structure 11th, 12th and dropper batch in (2022) for IIT and NEET admission process PW Kota center, facilities in PW Vidyapeeth, hostel, mess, playground for mini indoor games. PW offline classes in Kota at a very affordable fees structure. Below I mention the fee structure of PW offline coaching in Kota. 1st day 1 thousand students take admission PW Vidyapeeth Kota.

Physics Wallah Kota Fees 11th, 12th & Droppers Batch, PW Vidyapeeth (2022) – Topperme (1)

Main goal of physics wallah “Alakh Pandey” is to provide Allen level facilities in a very low price range that means any students can afford it. And yes, they are providing good infrastructure, labs, hostels, smart classes, study material and many more.

Launching event of PW VIDYAPEETH Alakh Pandey Sir come Kota to promote PW in Kota. They are surprised by students’ reactions to the PW Vidyapeeth offline coaching centre in Kota, students are very excited to join PW Vidyapeeth centre.

Physics Wallah Notes for Class 11th & 12th:
  • Physics Wallah Notes for Class 12 Chemistry Chapter Wise PDF
  • Physics Wallah Notes for Class 12 Physics Chapter Wise PDF
  • Physics Wallah Notes for Class 11 Chemistry Chapter Wise PDF
  • Physics Wallah Notes for Class 11 Physics Chapter Wise PDF

Page Contents

Facilities in PW Vidyapeeth Kota

  • Best teachers and engaging physical classrooms.
  • India’s top facilities in PW Vidyapeeth Kota.
  • Totally Offline physical classrooms.
  • Limited batch size with personalized attention.
  • Preparation of IIT JEE Main & Advance and NEET at affordable fees structure in PW Vidyapeeth by Physics Wallah.
  • Regular test on new pattern.
  • Constant tracking of learning and assessments via app.
  • Improvement discussion through regular PTMs.
  • Daily classes of each subject.
  • Smart Classes, Labs, Hostel, Big Campus, Infrastructure and many more.
  • Separate Doubt class for all Subjects.
  • Library facilities available for all students.
  • Provides study material for IIT and NEET entrance exam.
  • Video lectures of all previous classes, If you leave class.
  • Scholarship by PW for those students who can’t eligible to afford the PW fee structure of Kota.

Hostel and Mess Facilities by PW Vidyapeeth Kota

  • Hostel is available for girls and boys separately.
  • Hostel is very close to the PW Classes centre.
  • Online doubt class available all time on PW app.
  • Also, Mess is available which is very neat and clean.
  • Everything that is provided are organic and fresh foods.
  • Big Ground for walking and playing mini indoor games like table tennis, chess etc.
  • Hostel room was quite small but clean. Provides bed, AC, ceiling fan, Cupboards, studies table, chair and many more.

How can you Reserve your Seat in PW Vidyapeeth Kota?

If you paid ₹ 10,000 fees on PW Vidyapeeth your seat is reserved (Which is non-refundable) with both offline and online mode available. Online If you fill the form of PW Vidyapeeth. The Physics Wallah team contacts you as soon as possible. They solve all your doubts, Both ways are safe for you.

Any Additional Queries Comments Below.

PW Vidyapeeth Kota Fees Structure

Program (Years)fees Structure in (Rs. + GST)
11th (1 Year)₹ 49,000 + 18% GST
12th (1 Year)₹ 49,000 + 18% GST
11th & 12th (2 Year)₹ 89,000 + 18% GST
Dropper (1 Year)₹ 59,000 + 18% GST

Additional fees of PW Kota Center* – Hostel, Mess, Facilities, Studies Material, playground etc. (Not included in program fees)

(Video) Pw Vidyapeeth Offline Kota Full Detail Fees Structure 2023 class 6th to Dropper | JEE & NEET

3 ways to paid PW Kota Fees

  1. One-time Payments for any program and get 5% – 10% off on one-time Payments.
  2. Pay in 2 installment for 1 year program like class 11th and dropper batch.
  3. Pay in 3 installment for 2 years program like class 11th & 12th together.
  4. If you pay in installments there aren’t any offers for you.

Limited Seats, Register Now

Register Now For PW Vidyapeeth Form Here:

5000+ Selection Form PW Vidyapeeth Kota in JEE & NEET 2022

PW Vidyapeeth has come in your City Admission Open

Delhi, Patna and Kolkata is next educational hub of Physics Wallah (PW). So, Finally PW Vidyapeeth in your near Cities. And Admission is open now. If you want to take admission in these institutions just go to PW App and register yourself online. Fees structure below I mention properly. I think PW Kota Center fees similar to these institutions.

  • Fees Structure is not announce for Delhi, Kolkata and Patna But it’s similar to PW Vidyapeeth Kota centre.

Offers for Other Institutions of India ( like – Allen, Unacademy, etc.) Students, who comes to PW Vidyapeeth Kota

50% fees off for that students who leave other coaching and take admission in PW Vidyapeeth classes. This offer is for a limited time. Hurry up, so directly visit PW Vidyapeeth Kota physical branch and other ways to register online on PW official website.

That topic is the main unique point in Physics Wallah (PW). PW Kota fees structure for 11th and 12th. And PW Kota fee for dropper batch. Alakh Pandey sir said “they are providing the lowest fees structure then other coaching like Allen. PW in Kota fees structure for class 11th & 12th and droppers That means anyone can afford it easily. Many students prepare for IIT and NEET, but they can’t afford the Kota fees structure so that PW offline coaching helps to achieve your dream college for doctor and engineer.

How many Students Study in PW Vidyapeeth Building at one time?

10,000+ Students study at one time in PW Vidyapeeth Offline Classes.If they run classes in 2 phases in a days 10,000+ Students again study in Physics Wallah Kota institute.

Who is the Management Head of Physics Wallah Kota Center?

Pankaj Sijariya Sir is the management head and also teacher of PW Kota. Physics Wallah means Alakh Pandey Sir announced in PW Vidyapeeth full tour vlog. Everything manage by pankaj sir.

What is Missing in Kota Coaching for the Physics Wallah (PW) in Kota?

  • Parents are forced to study in offline mode.
  • Students not disciplined in online mode.
  • At home there isn’t any atmosphere to crack IIT & NEET. And they can’t phase competition in daily life.
  • Other Kota traditional institutes like Allen, charge high fees and many students can’t afford it.

Where is Situated PW Vidyapeeth Centre in Kota

Building Name – PW Vidyapeeth (New Name),(old) Resonance Pre-Medical Division (Changed)

Location – City Tower 2 Near City Mall Fun cinema Kota, Rajasthan, India.

You can just follow simple steps, search on google “PW Vidyapeeth” and click on directions in google map.

Launching Date of PW Vidyapeeth Offline Kota

19th 2022 June was the date of launch PW Vidyapeeth Offline Centre in Kota. And yes, Founder and CEO of PW “Alakh Pandey Sir” come to Kota 19th June and they are launch PW Vidyapeeth Offline Coaching in Kota with our hole PW Team.

(Video) Physics wallah Vidyapeeth Fee Structure NEET | PW Vidyapeeth

Best Teachers in PW (Physics Wallah) with Specialised and Experience

  1. Alakh Pandey Sir CEO and Founder of PW Company. He is expert is physics and chemistry. Students also called Physics Wallah Sir.
  2. Pankaj Sijariya Sir is head of PW Vidyapeeth Kota. (He is specialising Inorganic and organic Chemistry and having 11 years of teaching Experience).
  3. Amitabh Sharma Sir (He has Expertise in Inorganic Chemistry and try to make this Subject easy for students 17 years experience)
  4. Vijay sharma sir ( Expertise in physics subject and 15+ years experience)
  5. Kundan Sir ( Specialised in mathematics and produced various top iit rankers 17+ years experience)
  6. Mohit Dadheech Sir is an expert in chemistry and has 10+ years experience.
  7. Manish Dubey Sir research paper Published Specialised & 14+ years experience.
  8. Yug Sareen Sir ( from IIT Roorkee and Expertise in physics subject & 14+ years experience).
  9. Shivendu Mishra Sir (Produced 1000+ iitians expert in physics and 10+ years experience.
  10. Ritik Srivastava is specialised in chemistry and has 12 year teaching experience.
  11. Ashish Aggarwal secured air 1 in IIT MSc Maths & 20+ years teaching experience.
  12. Rishabh chaubey Sir is also called king of botany.
  13. Rohit Aggarwal sir mentored air 10,12,18,19,27,87 and 11 years teaching experience.
  14. Neeraj Dubey sir produced 3 ranks under air under 100 and 15+ years experience.
  15. Hitesh Sharma Sir is also called kohinur of physics and has 13+ years teaching experience.
  16. Aditya Anand Sir mentored in 2 & 3 digits Ranks and 7+ years experience.
  17. Harsh Sir is also called bahubali of physics.

And many more.

Admission Process for PW Vidyapeeth Kota (2022)

Physics Wallah Kota Fees 11th, 12th & Droppers Batch, PW Vidyapeeth (2022) – Topperme (2)

Pre-registration is now open and you are able to register for PW Vidyapeeth Offline in Kota, Rajasthan. First step to visit (physics wallah website) for registration. Then, you can fulfill all details like Full Name, class, Stream and your phone number. And further PW Team contact you and give you full knowledge of PW Vidyapeeth offline classes in Kota.

Competitor of Physics Wallah in Kota

Physics Wallah Kota Fees 11th, 12th & Droppers Batch, PW Vidyapeeth (2022) – Topperme (3)

There are two main competitors of Physics Wallah (PW) are: Unacademy and Allen.

Also, Unacademy coaching building is very close to PW Vidyapeeth Near City Tower 2, City Mall Fun cinema Kota. Just like physics wallah (PW) Start newly offline classes also Unacademy is started together it see which coaching good for students for jee mains & advance and neet.

As you know, a few days ago PW company valued 1 billion. And it is more profitable than Byju’s and Unacademy. Because of only one person who is Alakh Pandey sir, the bond between students is very strong. That is the reason students trust Physics Wallah and that is the love of students on PW.

But Allen in Kota has a very strong base and experience then PW Offline Classes in Kota. So, it’s very difficult for PW Vidyapeeth to competition with bigger brands like Allen and Unacademy. Let’s see which one performs better.

Allen vs Physics Wallah: Which is best?

Physics Wallah Kota Fees 11th, 12th & Droppers Batch, PW Vidyapeeth (2022) – Topperme (4)

Both Allen and PW are unicorn companies, but both are different in different fields. Like Allen is popular for offline classes in Kota but Physics Wallah famous for online classes for IIT and NEET entrance exam preparation. But PW also comes in offline mode in Kota and directly competition with Allen coaching centre who is famous for its selection process in IIT and NEET Exam. Let’s see which one performs better in Kota.

Unacademy vs Physics Wallah: Which is best?

Physics Wallah Kota Fees 11th, 12th & Droppers Batch, PW Vidyapeeth (2022) – Topperme (5)

These are two biggest Ed tech companies like Unacademy that are bigger than PW. But PW started by Alakh Pandey Sir only 2 years ago, and it’s grown very fast because of students’ trust on physics wallah means alakh pandey. Also, Unacademy and PW offline coaching centre in Kota both centre are near under 1 km. So, let’s see which one wins the game? So, please comment below which coaching is your favorite?

FAQs About PW Vidyapeeth Kota Fees (2022)

What is PW Vidyapeeth?

PW Vidyapeeth is an offline coaching centre in Kota. Preparation for IIT and NEET entrance exam organized by physics wallah Alakh Pandey sir. This coaching institute provides India’s top facilities at low cost. That means anyone can easily afford Kota education.

What is the launching date of PW Vidyapeeth Offline in Kota?

19th June 2022 was the launch date PW VIDYAPEETH. Previously he visited PW Vidyapeeth building in Kota Rajasthan. They are also said to be Physics Wallah “Alakh Sir” coming to Kota for launching 19 June.

What is the fees structure of PW Vidyapeeth offline coaching centre in Kota?

Fees structure is not announced by PW but one thing is clear, the fee structure is less than Allen and Unacademy that means anyone can afford Kota education easily. 1 year – 59,000 + GST (Approx)11th + 12th – 89,000 + GST (Approx) fees structure something like this.

Where is PW Vidyapeeth located in Kota?

City Tower 2 Near City Mall Fun cinema Kota, Rajasthan, India. Old Building name – Resonance Pre-Medical Division (Changed into PW Vidyapeeth). And Yes, PW air balloon also fly to the top of Kota. So, you can easily find it.

How to get Admission in PW Vidyapeeth Offline Centre in Kota?

Online Registration for is now open on this website But there were only 5,000 seats available at that time. Let’s go and register fast because these opportunities will never come back.

(Video) All about PW Vidyapeeth||MUST Watch|| New batch for jee 2025 in pw vidyapeeth||#pw #vidyapeeth #iit

Who is the Competitor of PW Vidyapeeth in Kota?

There are two main competitors of Physics Wallah (PW) are: Unacademy, Allen and many small institutes in Kota.

What are the facilities in PW Vidyapeeth in Kota?

1. India’s top facilities at affordable cost.
2. Best teachers and engaging physical classrooms.
3. Regular test on new pattern. Constant tracking of learning and assessments via app. Improvement discussion through regular PTMs.
4. Provide good study material and doubt class and many more.

How many seats available in PW Vidyapeeth Kota?

5000+ Seats available right now. Limited seats available so, please register quickly.

What is the Eligibility for PW Vidyapeeth?

Alakh Pandey Sir told in his PW tour vlog. It is available for all students. There are no criteria for Selecting students in PW Vidyapeeth. Your mark does not matter here. Only you have the class 10th pass marksheet needed for the admission process.

(Video) GETTING ADMISSION IN PW vidyapeeth(Janakpuri)as a Neet dropper w my lil bro as class 11 jee aspirant

(Video) Vidyapeeth Kota Luxurious Centre Tour Ft. Shikha Ma'am | Aryabhatta Tower Full Tour || PW Vidyapeeth

Final Thoughts

So, finally, Alakh Pandey Sir launched PW Vidyapeeth classes in Kota on 19 June 2022. PW Vidyapeeth Kota Centre Fees Structure, Registration, Facility, Physics Wallah in Kota (2022) For 11th, 12th and droppers JEE and NEET. Affordable fee with India’s top Registration for PW is now open for limited 5,000 seats. That is the Best (NEET and JEE Main / Advance) Preparation at low cost. Now in Kota. PW provide complete offline batches for class 11th, 12th & droppers | India’s Top Faculties | Lowest Cost | Personalized Attention. So, Please leave a comment below. Do you want admission in PW Vidyapeeth?


What is the fees for NEET dropper batch in PW Vidyapeeth Kota? ›

Batch Details

Registration fee for Vidyapeeth Centres is Rs 10000/-, Remaining Rs 5000/- must be paid at the Centres.

What is the price of physics wallah subscription for class 11? ›

₹1,999.00. Shipping cost, delivery date and order total (including tax) shown at checkout. Sold by Physics Wallah (PW) and Delivered by Amazon.

What is the fees of PW Vidyapeeth Kota? ›

The Batch is available at Kota, Delhi, Patna, Lucknow, Kanpur and Kolkata Centres. The Course will be taught by India's top faculties.
Batch Details.
Fees (1-year Prog.)49,000/- +GST
AddressPW Tower, Behind City Mall, Kota IPIA, Kota - 324005
Contact Number7019243492
6 more columns

How much does physics wallah course cost? ›

Promptly, the price of PW Skills courses was slashed by a whopping 50 per cent, now available at INR 3,500.

Can dropper become NEET topper? ›

Yes a dropper can surely crack NEET eamination provided you spend your time preparing with full dedication for the exam. When you take a year drop the advantage is that you have enough time to prepare and no other factors like your 12th standard exams, etc as an added burden.

What is the fees of Kota College for 11th and 12th? ›

1 year – 59,000 + GST (Approx)11th + 12th – 89,000 + GST (Approx) fees structure something like this.


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