Kolaveri Di Lyrics Meaning EXPLAINED - English Translation | Special Analysis, Interpretation (2023)

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'Why This Kolaveri Di' (English: Why this murderous rage, Girl?Or more simply put, why did you do this to me, girl?Why this anger…why did you reject me? )

Dhanush and Shruti Hassan's Kolaveri Di stars is a song from the soundtrack of the 2012 Tamil psychological thriller film, 3. The song Kolaveri Di is written and sung by Dhanush, and composed by Anirudh Ravichander. Kolaveri D became one of the most streamed songs of all-time.

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Kolaveri Di Lyrics Meaning EXPLAINED - English Translation | Special Analysis, Interpretation (1)

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doveranalyst breaks down Kolaveri D, for you, if you still haven't heard about it. The broken English can be a little overwhelming for you to understand the depth of the song. So, here it is! Grey marks the lyrics of Kolaveri D and the meaning, analysis, interpretation, however, you wish to call it, is ingreen.

Why this Kolaveri D | Line by Line Meaning

Yo boys

I am sing song

Soup song…

Flop song …

Hey you boys, I am going to sing a song. It's a soup song.(Soup song usually refers to songs dejected lovers sing, of their doom).It is a flop song.(As it tells you the story of how I flopped).The guy singing here (The character has just been rejected, faced a love failure, is feeling dejected and is definitely drunk…:P……so he is celebrating his being “flop” by venting his feelings out. The reason for this broken English could be that the girl who rejected him is too good at English and he’s just trying his best to keep it in English, making it funny n relatable.

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di..(2)

Why do you have this Kolaveri (murderous rage), girl?

Or more simply put, why did you do this to me, girl?

Why this anger…why did you reject me?

Rhythm correct

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di..

Maintain please

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Why this kolaveri.. aa di.

Love Dhanush’s expression here.Dhanush says 'Maintain please' to his friends, as in to maintain the rhythm.

At distance, lies the moon……(the moonu,…or any word ending with “u” is just to give a feeling of the pronunciation and local dialect………..to add a “a” "अ", sound as in “above” not “aaa”……moona……….not moonaaaaa)

Colour of moon is white

Whatever lies in the distance, seems to be attractive (In India, a fair girl is generally thought to be beautiful………so it’s like the grass is always green on the other side. True, the same moon has craters (daag, scars), but it still appears desirable as it is far away. (Once, he gets her as girlfriend, he will be just as sad).😫😵😀

White skin-u girl-u girl-u

Girl-u heart-u black-u

The color of the girl’s skin is white, but her heart is black. Black and White are used in the very traditional sense of the colors in India. Black heart, black money, refer to bad stuff. Fairer skin girls who are wheatish or even nearly just white, are considered epitome of beauty. Everyone wants them. So does this guy with this poetry. In a way, he is mocking that although her skin is so pure, "so white", her heart isn't.

(OBVIOUSLY, I personally believe all colors are beautiful and skin color does not define beauty, but just for the sake of context, that's what it is. Also, the song originated from South India where most men are dark. It is only psychology, that one desires what one does not have. Most South Indian women are also dark in complexion. Thus, all the more likely. In traditional Bollywood and different forms of Indian literature and poetry, (Shayari, ghazals, in all languages), moon is compared to the heroine's face. Moon is also used as a form of address to the beloved, male or female. It is sometimes gender-neutral but often is put as an epitome to measure a woman's beauty. Even in Channa Mereya (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil), channa refers to moon.

The outer core is attractive, but the inner is ironically just as ugly. It’s more like how people pretend and are something on the face, and something else deep inside their hearts. More simply put Bholi surat dil k khotey, naam bade aur darshan chhote, darshan chhote….(English translation: The innocent faces are the ones deceptive in heart, they say big stuff but the mannerisms reveal how small a person they're).Take it as the modern approach, a broken English approach of the common man, who doesn’t know good hindi, English, or urdu….to say, the innocent faces, maybe the most cunning and shrewd in the heart.

I fell for the white face, thinking your heart is pure as white

But what I found was your heart as polluted as black

Eyes- eyes- meet- meet-
My future dark
Haan..why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di(2)

As our eyes met, my future became dark

The moment I saw you, and you saw me, as our eyes met,I lost my heart, and since then I haven’t been able to concentrate in anything and my future is all gone, and wasted, as I can't get you and I cant get over you either.😱😥

Maama, notes edhuthuko,

Appdiye kaiyla snacks edhuthuko,

Pa pa pa ppaan, pa pa pa ppaan, pa pa pa ppaan pa pa ppan

Sariya vaasi😅

Seriya = Correctly , Vaasi = Play,

together it means, Play it correctly

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I had earlier thought, in his mad stupor, he is calling his mom to get snacks, but no, mama means buddy, say the tamil…………..so he’s asking his friends to take notes, get some snacks….

Another view is also there that, it should have been sax not snacks, cuz the tone in the music changes to using saxophone, at this time.

Again, mama= buddy


Hun… um



Whah, wat a change over mama

Ok mama, now tune change-


Kaila glass-u

-Only english-a

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Hand- la glass-

Glass la scotch-

Eyes-u full-aa tear-

Empty life-

Girl-u come-

Life-u reverse gear-

Glass in hand, scotch in glass, eyes full of tears, due to empty life that has no passion, no vigour, no feeling of sense or meaning.

But the moment a ‘girl’ enters your life, it goes reverse gear. Everything changes for the better. Dhanush clearly means “better” as evident from his expression. The excitement comes in, the passion, the fuel; the life.

Aa..Lovv-u lovv-u

Oh my lovv-u

You showed me bouv-u

Lovu= love, bovu = hand

Oh my love, why did you wave at me like a bye and said no to me? Why did you reject me…….

Cow-u cow-, holi cow-,

I’m not sure, but wildest guess is, Holy cow is generally used for astonishing situations. So, as this guy is absolutely wrenched, & heartbroken he’s still shaken and is mocking at his own self, like how did this happen!!! Also, the girl seems to be well versed in English, which is why he is trying his best to make a poem in English in his drunken state.

I want u hear now-

God I m dying now-

She is happy how-

God, I am suffering so much, as if I am dying, I feel like dying and a person I love so dearly, how can she be happy in my grief??

The absolute, that we sometimes wonder. One sided lovers should be aware that they cannot put responsibility of their happiness on someone who does not even love them back. However, as drunk as he is, his grief is speaking.

This-u song for soup boys-u

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We dont have choice-u..e…

So, this is the love failure song for all us losers, we don’t have a choice, we have to be rejected.

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di (Aahaan.. aa…)

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

Han why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di.

So, the point is, it is not against women. C’mon, grow up guys, we have grown up with songs that each time yell out Bewafa, bewafa (traitor)..& what not.

It is just someone’s grief and an unusual realistic expression of it, the same could be for us girls. Why this kolaveri, Da!

[*Di- it is a casual way of referring to a woman without respect. You would never add a di when talking to your mother or daughter. It is left for friends who you are very casual and informal with; who are ok with it and in reciprocation use ‘di’ with you too (if you are a girl) or ‘da’ (if you are a boy).

Example- ‘What di, what’s up?’ ‘Nothing da, just hanging out.'

Why men write soup songs?

Girls generally don’t declare their love first, as only recently have the women started proposing men as well. Otherwise traditionally speaking it’s always been the men, the guys who have to court the women, woo them, & win their heart, so the chance of being rejected (not considering arranged marriages, though..:P…………there the men can be villains, no wonder!)……… usually the chance of being rejected in a love proposal lies with the men.

If you still think it’s a fad, or wonder why it’s so popular, click here.


Artists: Dhanush, Anirudh Ravichander

Movie: 3

Released: 2011

Awards: Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer – Tamil

Nominations: Vijay Award for Favourite Song, Vijay Award for Best Male Playback Singer

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What is the meaning of kolaveri di? ›

Kolaveri, which means murderous rage, is now popular even in other parts of the country, thanks to the peppy song 'Why this kolaveri di?' from upcoming Tamil flick '3'.

Who wrote Kolaveri Di song? ›

'Why This Kolaveri Di' ( transl. Why this murderous rage, Girl?) is a song from the soundtrack of the 2012 Tamil psychological thriller film 3, starring Dhanush and Shruthi Hassan. The song is written and sung by Dhanush, and composed by Anirudh Ravichander. It became one of the most streamed songs of all-time.

Why is Kolaveri Di so popular? ›

The song is written and sung by Dhanush, and composed by Anirudh Ravichander. It became one of the most streamed songs of all-time. The song was officially released on 16 November 2011 and instantly became popular on social networking sites for its quirky "Tanglish" (portmanteau word of Tamil and English) lyrics.

Which movie song is Kolaveri Di? ›

What is the meaning of soup boys? ›

According to Dhanush, the lyric writist and singer of this song-u, a Soup Boy' is a love failure boy and a 'Soup Song' is a love failure song.

What is a soup song? ›

Many Tamil films of late have featured a bar song, a 'soup song' (which gets its name from the lyrics of the song Why this Kolaveri Di ). This genre of songs has lyrics in which men go on a tirade against women who have dumped them, or blame the women in their lives for their misfortune.


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