Inkstop Tattoo Aftercare - How to help heal your new tattoo (2022)

Inkstop Tattoo Aftercare - How to help heal your new tattoo (1)

Congratulations on your new tattoo! Now that the tattoo is finished, it's up to you to take care of it properly to insure it will heal well and last you a lifetime.
Below are detailed instructions you may find helpful on how to take care of your new tattoo.

1. Remove the bandage in two to three hours. Do not leave the bandage on overnight or re-bandage the tattoo again. During the healing process, it's best to wear loose clothing and let it breathe if possible. After removing the bandage, wash the tattoo gently with warm water and soap. After blotting it dry, apply a very thin layer of ointment ( A & D or Aquaphor ) which we will supply to you free of charge.

2. Apply the ointment in


layers two to three times a day, keeping the tattoo slightly moist. You should do this for 5 to 7 days, depending on how fast you heal. If you let it dry out it will form scabs and take longer to heal. It's best to apply the ointment thinly more frequently if needed rather than blobbing it on.

3. After 5 to 7 days, stop using the ointment and apply skin lotion two to three times a day for the next few weeks until the skin is smoothed out. Preferably, unscented and less oily lotion. It will look wrinkly and shiny right after peeling but the lotion will speed up the healing process to blend the tattoo into normal skin. It may take up to a month to look finally healed.

4. As the tattoo is healing it will form a crust or scab that will start peeling and falling off in a few days. You may see bits of color in the peeling crust. Don't worry, this is completely normal. It may be itchy but

do not

pick or scratch at the scab or you will lose sections of tattoo and create light spots in it. The peeling should be complete within two weeks.

5. During the healing process you should not soak the tattoo. Regular showers are fine but avoid swimming, baths, jacuzzis, etc. until the peeling is completely finished. After showering it's best to pat it dry rather than wiping it. It's also better to limit exercise the first few days to let it form it's crust. Try not have clothing rubbing on it much either during exercise.

6. It is important to keep your tattoo out of the sun for at least two weeks. Any long exposure to the sun on a fresh tattoo can cause a serious burn and damage your tattoo. After it's healed, in roughly two weeks to a month, you should apply sunblock to preserve the tattoo. Even in the future, if you use sunblock on it, it will look great for longer!

Enjoy your new tattoo!

What Do Our Customers Think

On August I was in NY, so befora my holliday I had decided to get a tattoo... I chose InkStop because all the reviews are excellent!!! Was perfect, every friend says that the tattoo is great thank you so much!!! - A Google User

Ronen was fantastic! It was my first tattoo, and I was scared out of my mind. He was funny, calming, and didn't give in to my nerves. A wonderful experience over all. I am so glad I went here for my first time. - Ariel B. - Manhattan, NY

Eddie at Inkstop is amazing. Best artist in the shop. I have had 5+ pieces done by him over the last several years. Every tattoo he does is a true work of art. He is able to capture exactly what you want as if he is inside your head. I have pieces both big and small (including a sleeve) and each one he does is better than the last. He is not a tattoo artist, he is an artist in general who incorporates his multimedia skills into each tattoo. He is excellent at both color tattoosand black and grey. He has tattooed both family and friends who are always extremely satisfied. I get stopped on the street by strangers who want to compliment the work have had done by him. At this rate, I'm probably going to run out of space soon... - Steffi R. - Brooklyn, NY

I had been living with an awful crap tattoo for the last 15 yrs until I finally decided it had to go! I did a lot of research and eventually honed in on Eric - loved him right away! His work clrly, then his personality. From the time I sat during my consult to the moment I sat in the chair to be inked I was attended to 100% sufficiently - even my 20 different emails with suggestions and comments were replied to super fast. Soooo, 10hrs (collectively not all at once - yikes) later I have a GORGEOUS cover-up piece on my back that I cannot wait to show off this summer. I enjoyed my sessions so much; from bullsh*tting about movies & music, to the staff's attentiveness right down to the smell of the shop - which I missed for a few weeks after, must have been withdrawal. Also, they're located in a pretty cool part of town so after you get tatted you can go bar crawl. :-) - Stephanie B. - Kew Gardens, NY

Five years ago i came to inkstop tattoo on a last minute impulse while on my college spring break.. I had thought about the tats i wanted for maybe 3 years, but had never grown the pair i needed to actually get it done . 1 1/2 hours later i walked out with an even better version of what I had Fast forward to this past weekend for round 2 of tattooing! l, as well as my boyfriend, sat with Eddie for what was to be my second set of tattoos and my boyfriend's first. Eddie is a no-nonsense, to the point artist who will by no means hold your hand or tell you things will be ok...But if what you're looking for is professionalism, cleanliness and a bad-ass art piece on your body, definitely come here and I am absolutely in LOVE with my new additions and am now convinced this is the only place i will come to when i decide to get more. So please do yoursell alavor and talk to these guys for your next piece. - Evelyn N. - Manhattan, NY

If you are looking for the new age of tattoo shop that's part café / hipster hang-out, this is not your place. If you prefer an establishment whose focus is quality of product, look no further than Ink-stop Tattoo. I chose Ronen whose style really appealed to me. He designed a large mermaid to adorn my left arm & went to great lengths to tweak the lay-out until I was happy. While it looked great on paper, I am blown away by the final result! The lines are precise & his attention to detail leaves nothing to chance. Even my mother, (who doesn't like tattoos), can't believe how good it looks. While there, I also had the chance to chat with Eddie & Eric who couldn't have been more welcoming. The entire process- from setting up the 1st consultation with Chris, through walking out 4 sessions later, was silky smooth. Do yourself a favor before you get your next tattoo. Stop in & look at the portfolios of these seasoned professionals, than rank their work vs. other tattoos you've seen. That will be all it takes. I am already visualizing what to do on my right arm & look forward to exchanging ideas with Ronen to lay out another master-piece. ;-) - Bill L. - Livingston, NJ

Let me start off by saying; I have four tattoos and ALL of them have been done at this fine establishment. My first tattoo came at age 29, as I always was hesitant about getting some ink work done for many of the same reasons other people are indecisive about it. But after my first one - yes, it became addicting. And this place makes you feel at ease about getting one, the artists are top notch and the work speaks for itself. All of the artist are cool, the setting is unpretentious and very unassuming. Eddie's work looks amazing, and I will definitely get a piece done by him at some point. Do not hesitate, I full endorse this place and will continue frequenting this spot! - Victor C. - Queens, NY

I wouldn't go anywhere else for my tattoos! ['ve had several large pieces done there and I am completely blown away each time I walk out. The artists have designed pieces for me better than I could have ever imagined! I also truly appreciate the professionalism of the shop. It's very clean and all of the artists take their work seriously. lt's a very comfortable environment to get tattooed in. The afiists at this shop are very talented and I would recommend this shop to anyone! - Jessica H. - Canaan, NY

My cousin told me about lnkstop a few years ago, and recommended I speak to Eric for my future tattoos. Before coming here, I have been disappointed in the past by various other tattoo arlists in NY, so I was extremely pleased with the way my first tattoo came out (script lettering on my chest). Fast forward 3 years, and l've decided to get my entire left sleeve done because I wouldn't trust anyone else with such a big piece. Eric was really patient and detailed with each session, and I am always confident in his abilities. Since it's tank top season, my sleeve is currently visible to everyone - and I literally cannot step out of ihe house without people complimenting me on my tattoos. Every time somebody asks me if I know any good tattoo artists, I always-point them in direction of lnkstop - because in all honesty, they're that good! - Yudit M. - Ridgewood, NY

My third trip here to finish up my first tattoo. Great staff, friendly and perfessional. Terry did a fantastic piece of MichaelThe Archangel taken from a painting by Guido Reni 1635. I showed him the pic and I told him I wanted it in photo realism; he did the magic. I am ecstatic of the work he did. I can't stop looking at it. - Michael V. - Brooklyn, NY

I have gotten 2 giant pieces here and it is about time I give my respects. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't get at least 3 compliments on my sleeves. lf strangers in NYC are willing to stop and admire, you know it looks good. The shop is very clean and personable. Eric and his staff are super chill and you spend more time laughing and talking than you do thinking about getting inked. I have found my artist in NYC and won't go anywhere else! - Kyle M. - New York, NY

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