How Much Does An Upper Arm Tattoo Cost? | (2023)

The arm is one of the best locations for a tattoo because it’s visible unless you’re trying to cover it up with a long-sleeve shirt.

There are several types of tattoos for this location.

First, there are full-sleeve tattoos. This one covers the entire arm from the top to bottom.

And then, there are forearm tattoos, which refer to tattoos that adorn the forearm. They can cover the whole part or just partial.

Next, there are upper arm tattoos that we’ll talk about today.

It easily makes a bold statement because it’s hard to resist.

For men, these tattoos ooze masculinity especially large ones.

That said, it’s okay to choose a small or a medium tattoo over a large one.

Is it difficult to make a tattoo on this location?

It shouldn’t be because it has a lot of muscles and fat tissue, which greatly help as far as pain is concerned.

By the way, arm tattoos will never fall out of style because they are among people’s favorites.

They can be your first introduction to the body art.

How much does an upper arm tattoo cost?

Well, just keep reading for details.

How Much Does An Upper Arm Tattoo Cost? | (1)

Average price for upper arm tattoos

There are a few things to take into account when estimating the cost of a tattoo.

These factors usually apply to all tattoos in general.

The first one is complexity. This always matters because a complex design takes more time to finish than a simple one.

The extra time an artist put into the work should be compensated with a higher fee.

Another important factor is size, which shouldn’t surprise you at all.

A larger tattoo takes more preparation and supplies, including ink, sterilization equipment, etc.

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It also prolongs the duration. And then, the number of colors used also count towards the cost.

A colored tattoo typically costs more than a black one assuming everything else is the same.

Now if you’re wondering about the fee, the base rate is around $100.

That’s usually the minimum you have to pay and the sum already includes all the basic tattoo supplies.

It may be cheaper if the tattoo is quite tiny or it comes in a simple design.

As opposed to that, the minimum fee could increase if it’s worked on by an established artist.

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Design aside, famous artists have the privilege to raise their rates. But, by how much?

It depends on the artist’s expertise and popularity.

If you want to hire such an artist for superb quality, then be willing to pay more.

An experienced artist can charge over $150 for a tattoo.

It can be a lot higher if you take it to extremes, e.g. a large tattoo with a complex design done by a famous artist.

For one that ticks all the boxes, you could pay from $350 to more than $600.

It’s also important to note that some shops charge a minimum.

This is the amount a client has to pay for a tattoo at the very least even if it’s pretty small.

It varies from shop to shop, but many charge a minimum of $80.

Things to know before getting a upper arm tattoo

How Much Does An Upper Arm Tattoo Cost? | (2)

Getting a tattoo will always lead to some discomfort even if you’re not new to this art.

Hence, always prepare yourself.

It’s not just about knowing how much to pay, but also what to do prior to the tattoo work.

Apart from physical health, your mental state is also important.

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Learn how to maintain energy from the beginning and as the session is underway.

A. How much does an arm tattoo cost?

How Much Does An Upper Arm Tattoo Cost? | (3)

We’ve provided some information above.

To sum it up, you can pay anywhere from $50 to more than $600 for a tattoo depending on the size, complexity, and who you pay to do it.

A small tattoo would cost much lower than a full sleeve, for instance, because it takes less preparation and equipment.

Placement doesn’t really matter in this.

Though the upper arm can provide a broad tattooing area, it’s in your best interest to pick the size of the tattoo.

Instead of one covering the most portion, you can go for one that measures around 2-4 square inches.

B. How long does an upper arm tattoo take?

How Much Does An Upper Arm Tattoo Cost? | (4)

There is no set time limit on this.

Again, the size and complexity play a major part since it would require the artist to take more time to get it done.

A larger tattoo will probably take 6 to 8 hours to finish. It can be much shorter for a simple design.

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On the other hand, if you want a large tattoo, it can take more than 10 hours and divided into several sessions.

Outlining is the first step, and once it’s complete, the artist can arrange for shading in the upcoming session.

Give your artist the time he needs to do all the work.

Some steps are more intricate, so he may ask to do it in a separate session.

For the best quality, just follow his advice than beg to complete it in one sitting.

The fine work especially needs focus and attention to get right, so let him do the job in peace.

C. Are upper arm tattoos painful?

Many people said that it’s bearable especially compared to other locations, like the inner thigh, chest, and rib cage.

However, it’s also influenced by the person’s pain tolerance.

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If you have a higher threshold of pain, then you may not suffer much from getting an upper arm tattoo.

Those who have done tattoos before may even not flinch while getting an upper arm tattoo.

By the way, different steps of tattooing cause different degrees of pain.

Outlining tends to be more painful than coloring. Now to describe the pain, try to run your fingernail on the skin with some pressure.

There will be some stingy sensation as you’re scratching the skin.

The pain will be similar to that, only more intense. You’d notice that the burning sensation won’t go away immediately.

The same applies to an actual tattoo.

There would be some discomfort and pain left once it’s done.

D. Does inner upper arm tattoo hurt?

How Much Does An Upper Arm Tattoo Cost? | (5)

It could hurt more than tattooing the outer arm, but the closeness of it relative to the bone would be more substantial.

Tattoos on the necks, knees, and ribs are notorious for causing very sharp pain due to the nature of these locations.

With how much tissue protecting the upper arm, this area shouldn’t technically be that bad for a tattoo.

But if you’re curious, just ask your tattoo artist.

Upper arm tattoos are wildly popular, so chances are he has worked on similar designs before.

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But then again, your pain tolerance also plays a part. In fact, this is one of the biggest factors that can’t be ruled out.

Some people are naturally better at bearing pain, others perceive even mild pain as torture.

There are a few factors that may contribute to one’s pain tolerance, including general health and mood.

Hence, if you want to get a tattoo, make sure you’re physically fit and in a good mental state before coming to the shop.

E. What hurts more shading or outline tattoo?

How Much Does An Upper Arm Tattoo Cost? | (6)

Many people agree that the line work hurts more than shading for the reason that it uses tight needle grouping, usually around 1RL to 18RL.

Besides, the machine operates at a higher speed compared to a shader.

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The pain is described as a knife cutting through the skin.

It feels intense, but for a brief moment. Basically, people can make it although it hurts bad.

Shading is also painful although the pain typically builds up as the session progresses.

The artist’s skill also contributes to that.

A skilled artist knows how much deep he should go to ensure the ink stays while not inflicting too much pain.

And then, let’s not forget your skin condition.

Some people have more sensitive skin.

If you’re born with it, then any tattoo work should feel worse than it’s supposed to be.

You can overcome this by asking for shorter sessions.

Final Thoughts

Getting a tattoo is an exciting experience.

Though you may have some already, you may want another on your upper arm.

How much does an upper arm tattoo cost?

It shouldn’t be too different from any other tattoo. There are many essential factors that matter besides placement.

Size is the first that comes to mind.

As we know, more effort is put into a large tattoo that than a small one.

The latter can start at $100.

A medium tattoo would cost slightly higher, while a large one is the most expensive out of the bunch.

By the way, $80 is a fee you can expect to pay at least because that’s the minimum amount many tattoo shops charge.

Hence, don’t be surprised to pay more than that.

Your location should be taken into consideration as well.

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If you live in a bustling city, then expect higher prices.


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