AE & JE Mechanical Exam Preparation with India's SuperCoaching! (2023)

AE JE Mechanical Coaching: Best Online Coaching for AE & JE Mechanical Exam in India!

AE & JE exams are conducted every year by the state and central government for the post of Assistant Engineer (AE) and Junior Engineer (JE) The posts for Junior Engineer come under the Staff Selection Commission (SSC), whereas the state government has their set exam pattern and syllabus for the post of Assistant Engineer. The recruitment for the post of Junior Engineer (JE) are in the following departments:

  • Border Road Organization (BRO)
  • Central Public Works Department (CPWD)
  • Central Water and Power Research Station
  • Central Water Commission
  • Directorate of Quality Assurance
  • Military Engineer Services
  • National Technical Research Organization
  • Ministry of Ports and Waterways
  • Department of Post

The departments for the post of Assistant Engineer are decided by the state governments with respect to the required vacancies. Candidates need to get into the best AE JE Mechanical Coaching to clear the exam successfully.

SSC JE examination consists of two papers: Paper 1 and Paper 2 which lets candidates choose their branches of specialization (Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Paper 1 is a Multiple Choice type question paper and has a negative marking of 0.25 marks, whereas Paper 2 is Subject Based, followed by verification of documents upon clearing the examination.

Few reasons why SSC JE and AE posts are popular amongst the candidates:

  • It has an excellent growth opportunity giving the candidates an exposure to many complex and important projects for the Government of India.
  • The post is accompanied by various perks and benefits.
  • It has comparatively more vacancies as compared to other central and state public service exams and more opportunities.
  • It is based more on quantitative aptitude and a more static syllabus which makes it much easier for candidates to clear the exam.

Due to an increasing trend in the number of candidates appearing for such government exams, Testbooks’ AE JE Mechanical online coaching have collaborated with various top notch institutes to provide a platform for AE JE Mechanical Coaching. Bringing in the best teachers and mentors, who are also subject specialists, with effective courses, free tests, preparation tips, quizzes, and a wide range of features right from how to start exam preparation from zero level without coaching.

Prepare with AE JE Mechanical Coaching with India’s Super Teachers

Testbooks’ AE JE Mechanical Coaching provides the best set of teachers online for AE & JE posts India’s Super Teachers, providing guidance and mentorship to every candidate and also helped them secure an All India Rank.

We have collaborated with various institutions and their faculty members as listed below:

Nimbus Learning

  • Pankaj Goyal: The Director of Nimbus Learning, with more than 11+ years of experience in teaching and having helped more than 20000+ candidates to clear the exams of SSC JE, RRB JE and other state AE and JE exams.

SWAT Academy

  • Md. Imran Khan: Co-founder of SWAT academy, with more than 11+ years of experience in teaching and have helped more than 1500+ candidates to clear the exam.
  • Rahul Kumar Singh: A senior faculty member of the SWAT academy, with more than 9 years of experience in teaching and has guided more than 500+ students in clearing the exam.

Modulation Institute

  • Anurag Singh: A senior faculty member of the Modulation Institute, with more than 6 years of experience in teaching and an expert in topics like: Strength of Materials, Reinforced Concrete Structures, Design of Steel Structures, Structural Analysis and Environment Engineering.
  • Azaz: A faculty member of the Modulation Institute and an expert in Fluid Mechanics. Has helped more than 500 students with more than 5 years of experience in teaching.

AEC Institute

  • Vijay Patidar : A senior faculty member of the AEC institute with more than 7 years of experience in teaching and has guided more than 3000+ candidates to clear the exam.

AE JE Mechanical Online Course

AE JE Mechanical Coaching provides pre-recorded video lectures and live sessions of the same, profound analysis of each subject, manageable notes for the preparation, and accessible from any device. Currently we are covering the following courses for AE & JE mechanical exam preparation:

Full Course (ME)

Learn in detail about mechanical engineering for SSC JE and AE exam from the following courses:

  • SSC JE Mechanical (Prelims + Mains) Course by Nimbus Learning
  • AAI Junior Executive ATC Course
  • HPCL Mechanical Engineer Full Course
  • AE JE Mechanical Course by Advance Engineer Classes

Subject Course (ME)

Learn in detail about mechanical engineering for SSC JE and AE exam from the following subject courses:

  • Fluid Mechanics by Modulation Institute
  • IC Engine by Modulation Institute
  • Production Engineering by Modulation Institute
  • SOM by Modulation Institute
  • Fluid Mechanics by Nimbus Learning
  • Material Science by SWAT Academy
  • Strength of Material by SWAT Academy
  • Fluid Mechanics by SWAT Academy
  • Production engineering practice course by Nimbus Learning
  • Theory of Machines Practice course by Nimbus Learning

Non Technical (ME)

Learn in detail about mechanical engineering (non technical) for SSC JE and AE exam from the following courses:

  • AE JE Non Tech for Mechanical Complete Preparation
  • Static GK by Pankaj Chaubey Sir
  • Madhya Pradesh GK by Shiv Tiwari Sir
  • Uttar Pradesh GK by Puneet Bhatia Sir
  • Haryana GK by Sunil Goswami Sir
  • AE JE Mechanical Non tech Full Course for State Exams by Nimbus Learning

How to Enroll for AE JE Mechanical Online Coaching?

Enrolling for AE JE Mechanical coaching is very easy. It is essential to know all the required steps while enrolling for the online coaching. After completing all the steps, candidates will be able to access the course materials and begin their AE JE Mechanical coaching with Testbook. Candidates can also get in touch with the instructors and get personalized guidance if needed. Follow the steps below to enroll for AE JE Mechanical Engineering online coaching.

Step 1: Visit or download the Testbook app.

Step 2: Register self with a valid phone number.

Step 3: Search for ‘AE JE Exam’ and choose Mechanical Engineering.

Step 4: Select the course you want to enroll in.

Step 5: Choose the course duration.

Step 6: Promo code can also be used to avail extra discount.

Step 7: Pay the required fees through the available payment modes.

Step 8: After the successful payment, a confirmation message will be sent.

Step 9: Start preparing for the AE JE Mechanical exam.

AE JE Mechanical Coaching Features for Exam Preparation

AE JE Mechanical Coaching offers the following features for the AE & JE exam preparation for both paper 1 and paper 2:

  • Study resources provided by India’s leading teachers and institutes known for AE JE mechanical coaching.
  • High quality pre recorded video lectures for the following subjects:
    • Fluid Mechanics
    • IC Engine
    • Production Engineering
    • SOM
    • Material Science
    • Strength of Material
    • Production Engineering
    • Theory of Machines
  • More than 250+ structures study notes.
  • 800+ Mock tests.
  • 900+ Live master series.
  • Foundation and complete preparation courses for AE & JE Mechanical.
  • Provide online AE JE Mechanical coaching with the help of pre recorded videos and live sessions.
  • Covered the complete syllabus of AE & JE Mechanical for paper 1 and paper 2.
  • Daily Live Classes for Current Affairs.
  • Question Bank for practice.
  • Previous Years Papers and their in depth analysis
  • Personalized Doubt Solving Sessions

Why use AE JE Mechanical Coaching for Exam Preparation?

Testbooks’ AE JE Mechanical Course is the best online coaching platform for AE & JE Mechanical exam preparation. It is accessible on any device, anywhere.

  • One can prepare and save time by subscribing to AE JE Mechanical Coaching and study from anywhere, be it while traveling or during mid breaks, etc. It can be one of the best options for AE & JE mechanical exam aspirants which saves money and provides quality AE JE Mechanical coaching, guidance, one-to-one personalized doubt solving and mentorship.
  • AE JE Mechanical Online Coaching is meant for all candidates be it working professionals, homemakers or full time aspirants.
  • Every concept is explained from scratch to its advanced level with an in depth analysis of each subject.
  • Daily updated current affairs.
  • Personalized one to one doubt solving for each candidate.
  • User friendly and Easy to understand at cost effective rates.
  • Complete question bank for practice.
  • Covered complete syllabus for SSC JE and other state AE exams.
  • Covered all technical and non technical subjects.

AE JE Mechanical Course Fees

Every year many students appear for this exam because of its perks and it has more vacancies than the central and state public service commission exams. It is not possible for everyone to take online AE JE Mechanical coaching for the exam due to different reasons. In order to provide an equal opportunity for everyone, Testbooks’ AE JE Mechanical Online Course provides one of the best online coaching at affordable prices, saving your time and energy and accessible for any device.

Do check out the AE & JE mechanical course fees to select the courses of your choice.

* With exciting offers and plans ™

Through AE JE Mechanical Coaching, you can download the pre-recorded lectures and understand them at your own pace. It is a complete package and there is no need to buy a separate test series, unlike many coaching institutes.

Best Books for AE & JE Mechanical Exam Preparation

The following are the list of SSC JE Books covering the officially released syllabus. For static GK, apart from the basic NCERT books, we also have to cover some advanced reference books.

Subject: Mechanical Engineering

Name of the book


Mechanical Engineering for competitive exams

R K Jain

SSC JE Mechanical Engineering Previous Year Topic-wise Objective Solved Papers.

Made Easy Publications.

Civil Engineering: Through Objective Type Questions.

SP Gupta & SS Gupta by CBS Publishers and Distributors.

Subject: General Intelligence and Reasoning

Name of the book


Lucent’s Reasoning

Bhupendra Kumar Singh

A modern approach to verbal and non verbal reasoning

R S Aggarwal.

Subject: General Awareness Books

Name of the book


Lucent’s G.K

Dr Binay Karna, Manwendra Mukul

Arihant’s G.K

Manohar Pandey

How to Prepare for AE & JE Mechanical Exam?

AE & JE Mechanical exam consists of paper 1 and paper 2, paper 1 is multiple choice questions and paper 2 is a subjective paper. Along with some guidance from our AE JE Mechanical Coaching and a year long strategy one can easily clear the AE & JE Mechanical Exam. Apart from expert guidance from AE JE Mechanical Coaching, do follow the below mentioned preparation tips for AE & JE Mechanical exam.

Make an Effective Strategy

Make a right strategy and execute the plan, make sure the plan is realistic, it can be broken down into smaller parts, based on target subjects.

Know the Paper Pattern

Know the paper pattern of each paper and do thorough analysis of previous years question papers, recognise the strong and weak subjects and work on the same to improve your marks.

Do Multiple Revisions

Revisions help build strong content over the required subjects and also establish a strong concept for the exam, make sure you revise in such a way that you can retain the actual concept during the exam.

Daily Test Practice:

Make sure you take regular mock tests for the exam to enhance your performance and accuracy, know the cut off and aim above it to get through the exam.

Focus on Quantitative and Qualitative Aptitude:

Qualitative and Quantitative Aptitude are scoring subjects in almost any paper, make sure to practice intensively for the same to score better in the actual exam.

We hope enough information regarding the AE JE Mechanical Coaching was delivered to the candidates. Stay tuned to the Testbook app for more updates and topics related to AE & JE Mechanical and various such subjects. Also, reach out to the test series available to examine your knowledge regarding related exams.

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